Kuhn NK 2801 NK 3201 NK 4001 M NK 4801 Field Shredders Agricultural Catalog

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“Field ” shredders NK 2801 – NK 3201 – NK 4001 M – NK 4801 NK THE ART OF SKILFUL SHREDDING! “Field ” shredders NK 2801 – 3201 – 4001 M – 4801 Impeccable work, proven robustness! 2 The heavy NK shredders all have a winning design giving them increased strength for intensive use and optimal shredding quality. These machines are available in four models for working widths of 2.80 m (9’2 “) to 4.95 m (16’1 “).

2 A rigid, large frame – The frame is made up of 3 beams with strong sections, set out in a triangle so that NK shredders keep their rigidity. – The fixing points of the hitch frame ensure that the forces are spread throughout the whole width of the machine. – A wear shield protects the front hood of the NK shredders from shocks and distortions. 3 Semi-automatic hitch – NK shredders have a semi-automatic hitch to make attaching and parking the machine easier. – The NK 4001 and 4801 are also fitted with pivoting lower links to follow the land more closely.High inertia rotor A large diameter rotor ensures a smooth drive throughout the tractor and machine PTO shafts. 3 CHARACTERISTICS Working width (cm) Overall width (cm) Weight with equipment (kg/lbs) Minimum power required (kW/hp) External rotor diameter (with tools/knives) (mm/in) NK 2801 280/9’2” 300/9’10” 1540/3395 58/80 703/1.07 NK 3201 320/10’6” 355/11’8” 1800/3968 66/90 703/1.07 NK 4001 M 401/13’3” 447/14’8” 2365/5214 84/115 703/1.07 NK 4801 495/16’3” 537/17’7” 2670/5886 102/140 703/1.07 4 Pivoting Hood The rear hood, fixed on hinges can be used “closed ” or “open ” simply by adding spreading deflectors and a safety device. Optional Equipment 3 4 5 Gearbox with free wheel A free wheel is integrated into the housing to avoid counter shocks to the tractor PTO during rotor deceleration. 9 10 7 11 9 Safety device when open hood is used The pivoting rear hood, when used in the open position reduces the power needed in wet conditions and in dense crops. Swathed straw can also be evenly distributed using the spreading deflectors. 8 10 Extra semi-pivoting wheel On uneven ground, an extra gauge wheel means that the ground is followed more closely. 7 Height control The rear wheels are adjustable in height. A multifunctional lever makes adjustments easier. 11 Lengthways transport – As from model 3.20 m (10’6 “), NK shredders can be fitted with a lengthways transport device. Changing from one position to another requires no tools or disassembly. – At work, the front wheel is raised and does not interfere with the shredder’s function. 6 8 Ground skids 6 Two speeds to choose from Inverting the pulleys means that two rotor speeds can be choosen depending on the operating conditions. Two HD skids are located on the sides and help prevent any scraping on the ground by the rotor knives when operating on uneven ground. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Working width (cm/ft) Overall width (cm/ft) Rotor speed (min-1) Standard After inverting pulleys Min. PTO power requirement kW (hp) Max. tractor PTO power kW (hp) Free wheel No. of V belts SPBX Outer rotor diameter (mm/in) Rotor tube diameter (mm/in) Rotor tube tickness (mm/in) Linear speed (m/s) Standard After inverting pulleys Number of cutting tools (Length 175 mm/5 “)

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