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SPRING-LONGER Verge Mowers THE ART OF LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SPRING-LONGER Miles of happy mowing Complementing our professional range of hedge cutting machines, SPRING-LONGER verge mowers are designed to strict specifications that meet the needs of agricultural contractors, local authorities, etc. On the strength of their quality construction and high-performance components, they offer the guarantee of an outstanding result even with an annual workload in excess of 1500 hours! Six reasons for choosing a SPRING-LONGER: A Easy-to-operate machine thanks to its movements S Machine suited to your needs: four models in the range D Maximum output cutting tool F A quality result G Design adapted to professional use H The people and service surrounding the 60,000+ machines manufactured at the Kuhn Group’s factories every year For landscape maintenance, Kuhn provides solutions to meet your requirements in terms of COST REDUCTIONS GOOD PRACTICES COMFORT – QUALITY OF LIFE PROXIMITY – ADVICE PEACE OF MIND – SERVICES SPRING-LONGER Verge Mowers An easy-to-operate machine 3 Regardless of the types of mowing job to be done, you will find the machine to match the most specific needs in the SPRING-LONGER range.

Three cutting widths: · 1.60 m · 2.00 m · 2.30 m Two movements: · Horizontal displacement by a hydraulic pivot · Horizontal displacement by a hydraulic pivot + vertical displacement by a built-in hydraulic lift Two power levels available: · 80 DIN-hp at 540 min-1 · 120 DIN-hp at 1000 min-1 Transport position The machine stays within the tractor outline. The transport position is safeguarded by an automatic locking function: you can move from one job to another without getting down from your tractor. Flexibility and safety To improve on-the-job flexibility and reduce mechanical stress, all SPRING-LONGER models are equipped with a double hydraulic safety function. Thanks to the specific nature of the ram, the mower unit can retract rearwards in the event of a frontal collision Q, and also forwards if an unintentional reversing manoeuvre is made W. Resetting is automatic thanks to the three nitrogen ball accumulators fitted as standard on the machine E. 1 2 3 Horizontal pivot offset: the difference! The hydraulic pivot concept enables a huge 900 mm horizontal offset to be attained. The mower unit can avoid obstacles with ease. The pivot also makes it possible to work behind a part of the tractor wheel: the tractor-machine assembly is more compact, hence offering maximum safety to road users. 4 Vertical offset: a vital feature! For maximum versatility, the RP models in the SPRING-LONGER range are equipped with a hydraulic lift function. In “Flat mowing ” and “Bank ” modes, the lift ram automatically compensates for the humps and hollows along the verge. It therefore complements the mower unit slewing ram. The mower head lifts, lowers and tilts without any operator action. In “Ditch ” mode, the vertical offset function lifts the mower unit 600 mm. The universal joint works in a good position and with higher ground clearance. A head angle of ­70° therefore optimises its full potential. In “Overreach ” mode, mowing is possible on a plane situated above the road level. Mower unit: fast, quality work With the geometry of the mower unit and its 120 DIN-hp gearbox, high working speeds are possible. Quality of work is assured by the high rotor speed of 2530 min-1. In addition to their simple operation, SPRING-LONGER models guarantee high output, safeguarding the profitability of your investment. SPRING-LONGER Verge Mowers SPRING-LONGER: comprehensive equipment as standard a 5 Controls · “P ” model controlled from the tractor (1 SA + 1 DA valve) · “RP ” models controlled from the tractor: 1 SA + 1 DA valve combined with an electrically-controlled circuit selector. The mower unit lifting and slewing action can then be controlled with the tractor single-acting valve. Machine structure The very high yield steel used · increased strength · a lighter

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