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GF 5202 / 7802 / 13002 / 17002 GF EFFECTIVE TEDDING! KUHN Gyrotedders KUHN, the world leader in rotary tedders, continues to provide farmers with Gyrotedders that aid in increasing productivity while reducing losses in the field. Be professional with KUHN extra wide Gyrotedders mounted or semi-mounted: · Preserve the nutritional value of hay with gentle tedding ­ higher quality hay that ultimately increases profits.

· Expand productivity with extended working widths and high capacity while maintaining manoeuvrability ­ reduce operating costs in the field. · Benefit from a long list of useful innovations such as DIGIDRIVE® multiple finger couplings — increase the service life of the machine and reduce maintenance costs. · Quality and reliability from the world’s leading manufacturer of rotary tedders ­ solid support and a high resale value. KUHN offers solutions for tedding while meeting your requirements in terms of: COST REDUCTIONS GOOD PRACTICES COMFORT – QUALITY OF LIFE PROXIMITY – ADVICES PEACE OF MIND – SERVICES Gyrotedders GF 5202 A low-end model which is fully equipped 3 Tedder with 4 rotors and hydraulic folding: a simple machine, which is economical and will meet the needs of farmers with a limited annual tedding area. Equipped with rotors with 7 tine arms, the GF 5202 is particularly useful for tedding long, dense, fodder. Superballoon Wheels The rotors rest on Superballoon wheels. – Adaptation to the ground is gentle, even on bumpy ground. – The wheels don’t mark the soil. Very little soil is moved into the fodder. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Working width (m/ft) Number of rotors Number of tine arms per rotor Tyres Weight (kg/lbs) GF 5202 5.20/17’1 ” 4 7 16×6,50-8 660/1455 4 Comfort and safety during transport Simply switch on the tractor’s hydraulic vavle to fold the outer rotors upwards and take to the road with a width of less than 3 m. Equipped with a series of signalling panels and lighting, the GF 5202 is ready for transport in perfect safety. Centralised mechanical oblique setting Through its size, the GF 5202 is particularly appropriate for tedding small areas. Under these conditions, tedding alongside fences or neighbouring crops occupies a significant proportion of its work. This is why KUHN offers this machine with standard centralised oblique setting. It is easy to use: pull a cord, go into reverse and the tedder is set to oblique to spread the fodder to one side more than the other. This oblique setting is also useful on slopes: another preferred type of terrain for this 4 rotor tedder. For demanding customers: a hydraulic system for oblique setting is available as an option. The only requirement is to have a second hydraulic valve on the tractor. Gyrotedders GF 7802 Performance above all 5 Tedder with 6 rotors and 7 tine arms, the GF 7802 is the ideal tool for spreading 3 voluminous swaths produced by 3 m Mower-Conditioners. The rotors can handle the longest, densest fodder. The new coupling with shock-absorber and suspension provides unrivalled operating comfort. Coupling with shock-absorbers and suspension – When manoeuvring at the end of a field, the machine returns to the centre with exemplary gentleness owing to its 2 large shock-absorbers.

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