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Michael Gomez on Jul 19, 2014. best product

Heya really nice and worth product thats been used till now.

Michael Gomez

GF EL SOIL PREPARATION AT ITS BEST! EL CULTI OTOR / CU TIPLOW / CULTITILLER EL 122 – EL 162 – EL 282 ULT TIROTOR CULTIPLOW CUL ITILLER E ITIL 2 6 82 KUHN EL Power tillers KUHN power tillers provide: · Optimised seedbed preparation that enhances soil structure and increases germination and root development for vigorous plant growth – maximizing yields. · Broad working widths, versatility, and operator convenience – reduced operating costs.

· Useful innovations based on farmer input – extended service life and reduced maintenance costs. · Experience and reliability – KUHN equipment holds its worth and provides a high resale value. KUHN offers solutions for soil KUHN offers solutions for soil preparation while meeting your requirements in terms of: paration while meeting y g quirements terms of: Cost Cost reductions reductions Good Good p ctices practices www.kuhn.com www.kuhn.com Comfort Comfort Quality Quality of live live Proximity Proximity advices advices Peace Peace of mind mind services services EL CULTIROTOR / CULTIPLOW / CULTITILLER EL 122 – EL 162 ULT ROTO T CULTIPLOW CULTITI LER P O U ILLE IL 162 Designed for long life and simple operation EL 122 and EL 162 power tillers are intended for tractors rated at up to 92 kW 2 d 6 o acto a d t p (125 hp) and 121 kW (165 hp) respectively. As wi all KUHN implements 2 d 21 with H m e ns intended for soil preparation, the new EL 122 and EL 162 power tillers feature a t n d l p 6 o i es e ue particularly sturdy design. The new one-piece frame, two-speed gearbox, and all c a y d s o p e b x d l gear side case hav met the most stringent reliability req rements. EL 122 and a d ave equirem t 2 and EL 162 power tillers are also designed for convenient operatio wit extremely 6 we ler re a ion, ith x em y m quick and easy to pe orm adjustments. c a as o perform 3 Duplex gearbox: p e gearbox: arbo Invertib e earwh els, or if cult oils Invertible gearwheels, for difficult soils ertible rtible rwhe heel cult ils – Designed for heavy-duty applications, the gearbox is capable of handling Designed or ea y dut ppl cations th gear o is apab e uty ons h n ling g trac trac ors ated tractors rated at up to 92 kW (125 hp) and 121 kW (165 hp) respectively. p 92 (125 p) nd ( 5 p) espectively. spe tiv y – Thanks to the invertable gearsets, the rotor speed is quickly adapted to obtain Thanks th invertable earsets, he otor pee he inv ble eed quickl ad pte t bta k th equired esult: the required result: an adequate crumbling whatever soil, hard or crumbly. ui sul adeq adeq a e rumbl ng hateve s l hard equa cr mb y Addition Additi nal ptio a ea ets re vailab e prov d e en or ro o sp Additional optional gearsets are available to provide even more rotor speed iona vail ore roto spee opti options. options. – Rear PTO (standard) enables power to be transmitted to other implements fitted Rear Rear TO standa d enable powe to wer ransmitte o ther plement tted e h nts ted to the tiller o e ille www.kuhn.com Torq Torque limiter All models feature a torque limiting sli slip clutch with adj table settings lut h with djustable tti that protects driveline components fro shock and excessive loads. om 4 a a Frame-casing for extra resistance resistance – The heavy-gauge box section cross member acts as a one-piece frame. This offers improved rigidity even in the most arduous conditions. – In stony conditions the machine’s outer appearance is protected thanks to the double skin hood. Design providing full reliability Design providing full reli bility i -P Power is transmitted to the large diamter rotor through an all gear drive. Gears are made from forged steel and operate in an oil-bath for an extremely long service life. The ADVANTAGE: The drive pinions are held in place by bearings on both sides, which better support the input pinion and maintain proper gear lash for excellent reliability.

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