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GF GF Gyrotedders From 3.70 m (12’2 “) to 5.75 m (18’10 “) H AY M A K I N G AT I T S B E S T ! KUHN Gyrotedders KUHN, the world leader in rotary tedders, continues to provide farmers with Gyrotedders that aid in increasing productivity while reducing losses in the field. KUHN Gyrotedders: · Preserve the nutritional value of hay with gentle tedding ­ higher quality hay that ultimately increases profits.

· Expand productivity with extended working widths and high capacity while maintaining manoeuvrability ­ reduce operating costs in the field. · Benefit from a long list of useful innovations such as DIGIDRIVE® multiple finger couplings — increase the service life of the machine and reduce maintenance costs. · Quality and reliability from the world’s leading manufacturer of rotary tedders ­ solid support and a high resale value. KUHN offers solutions for tedding while meeting your requirements in terms of: COST REDUCTIONS GOOD PRACTICES COMFORT ­ QUALITY OF LIFE PROXIMITY ­ ADVICES PEACE OF MIND – SERVICES Gyrotedder GF 3701 (Not available in all countries) Simple, compact and lightweight 3 Mounted on the 3-point hitch, the GF 3701 Gyrotedder is a simple, compact and lightweight machine. · Specially designed for low horsepower tractors, it is the ideal tedder for small and medium sized farms. · Its low weight and fixed headstock make it an implement particularly suited to hill farming. · An articulated frame and small diameter rotors guarantee flawless tedding quality even under the most adverse conditions. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Working width (DIN) (m/ft) Number of rotors Number of tine arms per rotor Rotor drive Headstock Tyres Weight (kg/lbs) GF 3701 3.70/12’2” 4 4 Through DIGIDRIVE®-couplings Fixed 15 x 6.00-6 Balloon 327 / 720 4 Easy folding and unfolding In order to change from the working position to the transport position, the outer rotors are raised manually to the vertical position. This operation is made easy with the help of lift assisting gas springs. Automatic locking and reduced overall size Once raised, the rotors lock automatically. – For additional security, rotors pivot 180°. – With the tines safely pointed inward the transport width is reduced to 2.17 m (7’1 “). Minimised lift requirement The compact hitch design considerably reduces the distance from the tractor to the implement’s centre of gravity. Low horsepower tractors can be used with a minimum of front ballast. Gyrotedder GF 4201 MH (Not available in all countries) A small tedder with all the features of a large KUHN tedder. 5 Incorporating a number of innovations, the features and ease of operation of the GF 4201 MH Gyrotedder are what set this tedder apart from other small tedders. · An operating width of 4.20 m (13’9 “) enables 3 swaths from a 1.60 m (5’3 “) mower to be tedded without running over the mown crop. · Fitted with 4 small diameter rotors, each 6 tine arms, for thorough uniform tedding even in the heaviest crops. · Height adjustment is made at each wheel with a simple eccentric. This enables the Gyrotedder to be set quickly and easily according to crop density and conditions. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Working width (DIN) (m/ft) Number of rotors Number of tine arms per rotor Rotor drive Headstock Tyres Oblique position setting Weight (kg/lbs) GF 4201 MH 4.20 / 13’9 ” 4 6 Through DIGIDRIVE®-coupling Pivoting 15 x 6.00-6 Balloon By setting wheel angle manually 452 / 996 6 Rotors pivot by 180° Once raised, the rotors lock automatically. – For additional security and reduced storage requirements, rotors pivot 180°. – With the tines safely pointed inward the overall transport width is also reduced. Pivoting headstock: true mobility The pivoting headstock provides flexibility and manoeuvrability. – Even while turning, the tedder is always in line with the cut crop.

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