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MDS MDS FERTILIZER SPREADERS The MDS range Controlling fertilizer distribution in vineyards, orchards, market gardens, on mixed cropping – breeding / cereal farms is possible with the MDS line fertilizer spreaders With its simple and robust design, the MDS can spread: · mineral fertilizers · organic fertilizers (in pellets) · seeds (green manure, wheat, peas, etc.) · anti-slug treatment products Apply the “Right Dose ” in the right place, respecting crosswise evenness.

From 10 to 24 m Frame with a capacity of 1800 kg 500 to 1800 liter capacity MDS Exclusive Distribution System: 1 single set of discs of 10 to 18 m, from 20 to 24 m with “X ” pallets KUHN offers solutions for fertilizer spreading while meeting KUHN offers solutions for fertilizer spreading while meeting your requirements terms your requirements in terms of: Cost Cost reductions reductions Good Good p ctices practices www.kuhn.com www.kuhn.com Comfort Comfort q lity quality of life life Proximity Proximity advice advice Peace Peace of mind mind services services MDS FERTILIZER SPREADERS MDS 10.1 Ð 11.1 Ð 12.1 Narrow version: at ease The MDS 10.1 / 11.1 / 12.1, with narrow dimensions, h 1 t o are intended for easier use in orchards/vineyards. r ne d r a e a No risk of damaging crops. o k m g o The MDS 10.1 is 1.07 m wide and features “broken ” h 1 s 0 n a hopper angles to reduce the turning radius leaving o p r ng s o d c g n r 4 Spreading on 2 rows This equipment, intended for plantations in lines installed without tools, has adjustable n lines, ines flaps that dispense fertilizer on 2 rows of variable width and with spacing which is 100 variable width and with spacing which is 100 % variable. Stainless steel. Fertilizer attachment 7-tube attachment: for crops in lines, spacing adjustable up to 90 cm between rows. www.kuhn.com between the rows rows of vines, with no risk of hooking the posts. o g he s The MDS 11.1 / 12.1 have a tank width of 1.40 cm. 1 a k d 0 m O 500 T FROM ITERS L 1200 reater For g y and om auton flows on r highe ite! s 5 Slow rotating agitator This agitator provides a regular flow of fertilizer on the spreading discs without damaging the granules and without clogging the outlet. The longevity of the components is ensured with g y p the 100% stainless steel hopper bottom, agitator shaft and outlets. EXCLUSIVE! No emptying before 10 years in service! Sturdy and reliable 1 single gearbox to drive the spreading discs and the agitator. Sturdy cast iron gearbox, the heart of the machine, treated stainless steel agitator shaft for greater longevity. MDS FERTILIZER DISTRIBUTORS 17.1 Ð 19.1 Capacity, simplicity, autonomy possible by adding extensions The MDS 17.1 and 19.1 have basic capacities of respectively 700 liters and 900 liters 9 e i r Various extensions are available to adjust the capacity to reach up to 1600 liters and 1800 liters. Various solutions for control of the outlet openings are available. o s ol s o con 6 www.kuhn.com Choose you out ets your outlets. Version M ((Manual)

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