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MASTER 102 series Reversible ploughs THE ART OF GOOD PLOUGHING MASTER The KUHN plough The future of farming lies in competitiveness and profitability. The MASTER range concept with its advanced features will contribute to a quick return on your investment. The Kuhn plough will allow you to: · Maintain a high quality soil structure with an efficient burial of organic matter and an even aggregate spread throughout the soil profile – your crop yields will be increased.

· Have at your disposal a wide range of working width settings and a excellent overall manoeuvrability – your “in field ” costs will be reduced. · Benefit from a number of technological innovations such as the reinforced box section, the variable width, the plough structure protection systems (Hydraulic non-stop or traction bolt) – the working life of the plough is increased and your maintenance costs reduced. · Profit from a renowned reliability and long working life allowing you to work throughout the day without interruption – your plough will also keep a high second-hand value. Opt for a Kuhn plough – because obtaining high yields and optimising financial results all starts with high quality ploughing. 102 SERIES KUHN offers solutions for ploughing while meeting your requirements with regards to : Cost reductions Good practices www.kuhn.com Comfort Quality life Proximity Advices Peace of mind Services MASTER 102 SERIES High strength headstocks and frame Robust, reliable and economic ploughs. – Large trash burial capacity, the traction bolt models can be adjusted from 70 cm to 75 cm clearance. – Independently mounted skimmers for quick and easy adjustment. – Depth control wheel in line with frame. – Transport wheel fitted with suspension. 3 Monobloc Headstock High strength frame Quick-hitch cross-shaft, with adjustable height on model 4E/5T. Turnover shaft in treated alloy diameter : – 70 mm on 2E/3T – 85 mm on 2E/3NSH and 3E/4T – 90 mm on 3E/4NSH – 105 mm on 4E/5T Simple adjustment of levelling by screw stops. Built-in toolbox in headstock for models 3E/4NSH and 4E/5T. Simplified adaptation to tractor wheel settings. Mechanical adjustment of plough angling (front furrow width). Frame section : – 100 mm for 2E/3T & NSH – 3E/4T – 120 mm for 3E/4NSH – 4E/5T – 100 mm for extension. www.kuhn.com Plough leg safety in all conditions Depth and transport wheels. The 500 mm steel, or 600 mm rubber tyre wheel follows any change of ploughing width. It features simple depth adjustment by screw adjuster, with the possibility of setting left and right sides differently. It can be placed in many positions on the frame to ensure optimum positioning for all conditions. underbeam Protection by traction bolt. A · · B 4 Hydraulic auto-reset NSH system The main advantages : ·Long life and efficiency : hydraulic technology is more efficient with no wear or friction. ·Lightness : there is a weight saving of up to 25 kg per plough leg compared with mechanical autoreset systems. ·Ease of adjustment : quick and easy adjustment of the pressure at share-point from 700 to 1300 kg. ·Excellent performance : plough leg resseting is positive and firm once the obstacle is passed. ·Compactness : the hydraulic cylinder is integrated into the leg profile to avoid possible trash blockage. ·Exceptional obstacle clearance : the share point can lift to a height of 60 cm with a side to side clearance of 20 cm. The exclusive traction-bolt system offers the following advantages : Clean fracture of the bolt under traction following a force at the share-point of 3000 kg avoids “over-breakage “. · Avoids the problems commonly associated with shear-bolts. · Easy replacement after fracture of the Ø 14 mm traction bolt. · The lack of wear, even after many seasons, ensures that the plough points are always held in line. Two position plough leg In traction bolt models the underbeam clearance can be adjusted from 70 to 75 cm. MASTER 102 SERIES Plough bodies designed to saved cost 1

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