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MANAGER CHALLENGER Semi-mounted ploughs MANAGER – CHALLENGER The KUHN plough The future of farming lies in competitiveness and profitability. The range concept with its advanced features will contribute to a quick return on your investment. The KUHN plough will allow you to: · Maintain a high quality soil structure with an efficient burial of organic matter and an even aggregate spread throughout the soil profile your crop yields will be increased.

· Have at your disposal a wide range of working width settings and an excellent overall manoeuvrability – your “in field ” costs will be reduced. · Benefit from a number of technological innovations such as the variable width, the plough structure protection systems (Hydraulic non-stop or traction bolt) – the working life of the plough is increased and your maintenance costs reduced. · Profit from a renowned reliability and long working life allowing your to work throughout the day without interruption – you plough will also keep a high second-hand value. Opt for a KUHN plough – because obtaining high yields and optimising financial results all starts with high quality ploughing. HUHN offers solutions for ploughing while meeting your requirements with regards to: Cost reductions Good practices www.kuhn.com Comfort Quality of life Proximity Advices Peace of mind Services MANAGER The heart of the semi-mounted range ! With a wide choice of bodies and safety systems, the Manager semi-mounted plough range is suited for most medium range horsepower tractors and working conditions. Its easy manoeuvrability enables even the most difficult fields to be ploughed without reducing working rates. Furthermore, with this semi-mounted plough, you can use the same power tractor with more bodies than if you were using a mounted plough. 3 Headstock with heavy duty articulation Quick-hitch cross-shaft positioned low on the machine for the best possible weight distribution and maximum traction in difficult conditions. Hydraulic sequencing (patented) for ease of use during manoeuvres The same lever controls both the lifting out of work and the turnover of the plough in one combined automatic operation greatly simplifying headland manoeuvres and reducing driver fatigue. Sharp turning angle of 110° for excellent manoeuvrability The undercarriage wheels can be directed left or right according to the direction required by slightly turning the plough to one side or the other with the turnover mechanism. The centre mounted wheels are closer to the tractor compared to a rear mounted single wheel system allowing a more in-line finish to the ploughing, a better turning angle and subsequent shorter headlands. The specially designed headstock articulation joint gives an impressive 110° turning angle. www.kuhn.com The two wheel undercarriage Assured stability during manoeuvres The undercarriage allows a substantial reduction in the strains put upon the tractor arms during turnover. This engineering concept allows a lowering of the centre of gravity. Turnover is carried out by two direct acting horizontal rams with no complex mechanical linkages. This very simple turnover system has a minimum of moving parts reducing both the risks of wear and of any possible maintenance requirements. The system comes complete with a hydraulic levelling lock (patented). Excellent stability in work The two wheel undercarriage ensures good overall plough stability. One wheel running in the furrow also gives excellent sideways stability especially when working on slopes. Beam articulation (patented) The beam articulation allows the plough to follow undulating terrain giving a constant ploughing depth along the length of the plough. When coming out of work, whilst the front bodies are lifted out of the ground the rear bodies remain at a constant working depth giving reduced headlands and a neater finish to the end of the bout. The articulation locks automatically when coming out of work

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