Kuhn Knight VTC Vertical Maxx Commercial Twin Auger TMR Mixers 800 1100 Catalog

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VTC Vertical Maxx® Commercial Twin-Auger TMR Mixers 800 ­ 1100 Cubic Feet With. WORLD-WIDE LEADER IN TMR MIXERS Vertical Maxx Mixers VTC 180 and 1100 LU EXC SIV E VTC Series The VTC 180 and 1100 are the newest vertical, twin-auger commercial mixers for dairy and beef producers, with special features that help mix and place quality rations in front of their animals. These models have a rugged build and high-end features, designed for commercial producers who are feeding around the clock.

The commercialgrade components wear less over time and help ensure dependable service. These machines are available with a single- or tandem-axle trailer, as well as a truck-mount option. The redesigned tub allows for a lower loading height and decreased tread width by tucking the tires under the unit shell. For fast and thorough mixing, durability and long life, these new mixers are the choice for commercial operations. DuraMix Extended-Life Package Extended-wear auger flighting, a heavyduty steel floor, and standard stainless steel liners help ensure dependable service and long life, even under the heaviest use cycles. Efficient Mixing Chamber Straighter sides and steeper baffles allow for greater feed movement with less horsepower required. The improved feed exchange provides a fast, complete mix for a fluffy and palatable ration. Heavy-Duty Gearbox NEW VTC planetary gearboxes are the heaviest and strongest in this mixer class and are designed to run up to 24 hours a day. EN PAT TED Simple, Dependable Drive This patented drive system consists of a 2-speed splitter gearbox, two planetary gearboxes, and two torque-disconnect PTOs that provide independent protection for each planetary, ensuring reliable service and longer life. O ALS AVA B ILA LE. Rugged Undercarriage Options Straight-single and walking-tandem bogie axle options are available, providing flexibility depending on terrain. Both axle systems are located under the tub for decreased tread width to keep the tires from running over the feed. Adjustable/Replaceable Scrapers The adjustable/replaceable, lead flighting scraper is angled to guide feed up the auger flighting for efficient movement. It helps create a void for material at the top of the chamber to tumble to the bottom. Efficient Discharge Kickers The curved, bolt-on auger kickers are formed rearward to efficiently charge the door with feed the entire way on each pass for even discharge and decreased unloading time. VT Series Vertical Maxx Mixers Producers with more moderate feeding cycles of around four to five hours per day should inquire about Kuhn Knight VT mixers. These durable mixers do not have some of the extended-life components, but share many of the highvalue features of the VTC models and are competitively priced for less extreme feeding situations. Multiple Discharge Locations Discharg L ATI ERS V E Eight different door-configuration options offer flexibility to fit a variety of feeding situations. The size of the openings has been increased over previous models to provide fast, even unloading from the front, side and rear door locations for maximum efficiency. Heavy-Duty Conveyor/Viewing Platform The front cross conveyor has been redesigned for dependability in even the heaviest-use situations. A stainless steel floor and the heaviest conveyor chain in the industry help ensure long life. An optional viewing platform is available on trailer models. Belt Extension/Hay Retention Ring A belt extension option (shown) at the top of the mixing tub increases capacity by 10%. An optional hay retention ring is offered to reduce hay spillage while processing large round bales.

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