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RM / VK / VKD Vineyard and orchard shredders THE ART OF SKILFUL SHREDDING! KUHN vineyard and orchard shredders RM / VK / VKD With KUHN “vineyard and orchard shredders, you have a wide choice of high capacity shredders for dealing with woody material, prunings, crop and green residues. KUHN technology applied to shredding offers: · A robust shredder with long service life, · Ease of use making the job straightforward and increasing hourly output, · Unrivalled care of your land thanks to the high speed cutting tools, the rotor design and increased number of knives per metre.

The large RM and VK / VKD ranges offer working widths able to deliver high work rates, as well as a high level of working comfort. KUHN offers solutions for shredding residues while meeting your requirements in terms of : COST REDUCTIONS GOOD PRACTICES COMFORT – QUALITY OF LIFE PROXIMITY – ADVICES PEACE OF MIND – SERVICES “Field ” Shredders RM 120 – RM 155 – RM 180 – RM 210 Upkeep of grasslands, set aside land, shredding harvest residue 3 Machines designed for intensive shredding of harvest residue. All machine components are of a heavy design and offer sturdiness and excellent technological features. For perfect care of your land Shredding quality The optimal helicoidal positioning of the knives on the rotor allows: – a more regular rotation, without jerks and jolts – good lifting for a better cut – good distribution of the shredded residues for improved decomposition. Collecting tines RM 120 – 155 – 180 – 210 shredders are preequipped for fitting collecting tines in the rear beam of the machine. Adjustable in height, the collecting tines rake the ground in order to shred vine shoots and pruning residues clinging to the ground. Pivoting rear hood: – Shredders are fitted with a closed hood, which can be converted to an open hood. – An inner shield protects the shredding hood against shocks. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Working width (cm/ft) Overall width (cm/ft) Number of bevelled hammer knives Number of universal knives with stubble pallets Weight (kg/lbs) RM 120 117/3’10” 142/4’8” 14 28 640/1408 RM 155 153/5′ 178/5’10” 18 36 690/1518 RM 180 180/5’11” 205/6’9” 20 40 730/1606 RM 210 207/6’9” 232/7’7” 24 48 775/1708 4 Height control: pivoting wheels The pivoting wheels can be adjusted in height or laterally. Roller with removable stub axles – The oval shaped roller end is not in contact with the ground. A labyrinth protects the 2 row ball bearings from contamination. – The bearings are also protected by a sealing ring and an oil seal. – The scrapers remove plant residues which ensures correct functioning of the roller. Gearbox with integrated free wheel A free wheel is integrated into the housing to avoid counter shocks to the tractor PTO during rotor deceleration. Hydraulic offset (RM 155 – 180 – 210) The 40 cm hitch frame offset can be replaced with a hydraulic offset. In both cases, the centre of gravity is always close to the tractor. Optional equipment. Shredders for orchards – vineyards VK 95 – 115 – 135 – 155 / VKD 155 – 170 – 190 – 210 For shredding clippings and vine shoots and excellent for grass cutting 5 VK axial series / VKD offset series No protrusions, nor screw heads or sharp angles to catch on wires, cables or low lying branches. The reduced height under the hood allows the VK and VKD shredders to slide under even the lowest lying branches. Rear collecting rake and roller The collecting rake lifts up residue to be shredded and vine shoots that are pressed down onto the ground. The roller guides the machine accurately and keeps it stable on uneven or damp ground. Bevelled hammers Driven at a very high speed with each forged steel hammer weighing 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs), they shred clippings and vine shoots finely and cut grass impeccably.

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