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SH S E RII E 110 1 0 Small seed drill The SH is a small seed drill which can be used on KUHN OPTIMER, DISCOVER, MIXTER and CULTIMER stubble cultivators. It is used to seed cover crops such as mustard, phacelia, rye grass. while stubble ploughing. WITH THE SH, SEED COVER CROPS WHILE STUBBLE PLOUGHING! Easy, accurate adjustment of seed density A variator in the cab is used to adjust the speed of the metering roller to adapt to: – Seed density; – Tool width; – Work speed.

Electric drive for the metering roller The metering roller is driven by an electric motor. This requires constant working speed. Metering rollers Depending on the type of seed, two metering rollers can be exchanged without tools for small or large seeds). Electric blower The seeds are routed through the pipes by a double blower with electric drive (control box in the cab). Even seeding Bursters at the pipe outlets (8) ensure even distribution of seeds across the entire working width. Safe access Access to the hopper for filling is safe, with an ex-works mounted ladder and walkway. To protect the environment, this leaflet is printed on chlorine-free paper. / Printed in France – 950 043 GB – 02.09 – KUHN 2009 – 3000 SPECIFICATIONS Hopper Hopper capacity (l) Hopper material Metering units Unit drive Disengageable agitator Method of distribution Minimum seed application rate (rape) Maximum seed application rate (Rye grass) Blower drive Seeding mode Number of seed chutes Per s box S 10 in cab Adjustment of seed application rate Blower on-off switch Metering unit roller on and off switch SH 151 SH 401 Distribution Blower Seeding Seed management 150 400 Polyethylene Steel 1 small seed/1 large seed Electric Standard Constant flow 2 kg/ha (over 3 m width at 7 km/h) 25 kg/ha (over 6 m width at 12 km/h) Electric (tractor battery) By bursters 8 Standard Standard Standard Standard Small seed drill SH 151 SH 401 OPTIMER 101 and 1002 X X DISCOVER XS, XM and XL 52 X X MIXTER 100 X MIXTER 107 only CULTIMER 100 X X Our material is produced in accordance with the European Machinery Directive in the member states of the European Union. In countries outside the E.U., our machinery complies with the safety regulations set by the country concerned. Some safety devices may have been removed from our leaflets in order to clarify the illustration. Under no circumstances should the machine be operated without the necessary safety devices in place (as specified by the assembly instructions and operators manual). We reserve the right to change any designs, specifications or materials listed without further notice. Our models and trademarks are patented in more than one country. Machines and equipment in this leaflet can be covered by at least one patent and/or registered design. Registered trademark(s). YOUR KUHN DEALER : KUHN NORTH AMERICA – Corporate Headquarters 1501 West Seventh Avenue – P.O. Box 167 Brodhead, WI 53520-0167 USA Tel: (608) 897-2131 – Fax: (608) 897-2561 www.kuhnnorthamerica.com KUHN FARM MACHINERY PTY.

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