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SO Subsoilers SO 270-370 THE ART OF GOOD SUBSOILING Subsoiler SO 270-370 The SO subsoiler range with large under beam clearance · Technical SUBSOILING TECHNIQUE Soils are lifted and loosened in breadth and depth. CHANGE IN SOIL STRUCTURE Maximum break-up of soil is achieved in dry compacted soils. Such operations are therefore, best carried out during the drier periods in the year e.g. during harvest.

Allows crop roots to penetrate deeper and thus increase drought resistance and resistance to disease. Improved soil water retention during dry season. Greatly reduced risk of water run-off during heavy rain. By improving water penetration soil nutrients are more easily available to the plant. Moist soils heat up more easily during Spring increasing in turn the development of soil microbes beneficial to plant growth. 1 specification · For working depths up to 70 cm : SO 270 and SO 370 · The machine is available in two body form transformable to three bodies. · The beam is of a simple and robust construction. · Subsoiler point made from special steel with a high wear and shock resistance. Breaks any plough pan present. Improves soil drainage. Improves soil fertility. width · arable land plough pan depth infiltration During wet periods in flat areas, before subsoiling, soils remain saturated, cold and without air. In hilly areas in soils which have not been subsoiled, water run-off carries away surface top soil. The width of the soil area loosened by the subsoiler is approximately equal to twice the working depth. Subsoiling permits water infiltration and improved soil drainage. Soil is better aerated and warms rapidly. Speed of plant growth is improved. Improved soil and subsoil water penetration with greater top soil stability. SPECIFICATION Recommended horsepower Weight Interbody distance (cm) Frame width Working depth (cm) (cm) (hp) (kg) SO 270 80 533 from 104 to 196 218 70 SO 370 120 622 from 52 to 98 218 70 Subsoiler SO 270 2 The SO 270 subsoiler plays an important complementary role in the soil cultivation process. Whist improving the soil structure, the subsoiler will also serve to substantially reduce the effort needed to pull the plough during subsequent cultivations. Subsoiler SO 370 The Kuhn SO subsoiler range SPECIFICATION SO 270 (2 legs) Ditching equipment SO 370 (3 legs) Recommended horsepower Weight Interbody Frame width Working depth (hp) (kg) (cm) (cm) (cm) 80 533 from 104 to 196 218 70 120 622 from 52 to 98 218 70 To protect the environment, this leaflet is printed on chlorine-free paper. / Printed in France – 95035 GB – 07/05 – KUHN 2005 – 2000 ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS Subsoiler wings The subsoiler wings greatly improve the area shattered and increases the number of soil fissures created. Drainage mole This equipment comprises : – One drainage point – One mole drainer body The sub-soiler can rapidly be transformed into a soil drainage machine. Drainage is a supplementary operation to be carried out in conjunction with sub-soiling. Subsoiler draining can be used for land improvement especially on wet clay soils. This should be carried out to a preestablished drainage layout. Ditching equipment Can be used for various functions : – Ditch digging, – Land reclamation, – Irrigation. Weight of body alone : approx 38 kg. In the European Union member states our material complies with the European Machinery Directive. In other countries it complies with the safety regulations in vigour in these countries. In our leaflets, to better illustrate certain details of the machine some safety devices could have been removed. Conforming to the assembly and operator’s manual, in no circumstances must machines be operated without these in place. All machines are equipped with safety devices which comply with the regulations of the countries in which they are delivered. In the interest of progress, we reserve the right to change without notice any specifications, design or materials listed. Patents filed in several countries.

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